Citizens and politics : perspectives from political psychology

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Título: Citizens and politics : perspectives from political psychology

Autor: James H. Kiklinski

Lengua: publicación: Inglés

Año: 2001

ISBN: 052159376X

Biblioteca de UGR: BIBLIOTECA POLIT. Y SOC. CPS/321 CIT cit

Consulta On-Line: disponible en Vista restringida


Citizens and Politics: Perspectives from Political Psychology brings together some of the research on citizen decision making. It addresses the questions of citizen political competence from different political psychology perspectives. Some of the authors in this volume look to affect and emotions to determine how people reach political judgements, others to human cognition and reasoning. Still others focus on perceptions or basic political attitudes such as political ideology. Several demonstrate the impact of values on policy preferences. The collection features chapters from some of the most talented political scientists in the field.


1. Political psychology and the study of citizens and politics
Part I. Affect and Emotion: Section introduction
2. The role of affect in symbolic politics
3. Emotions and politics: the dynamic functions of emotionality
4. Cognitive neuroscience, emotion, and leadership
5. Commentary: emotion as virtue and vice
Part II. Political Cognition: Section introduction
6. An experimental study of information search, memory, and decision making during a political campaign
7. Political accounts and attribution processes
8. The motivated construction of political judgments
9. Commentary: on the dynamic and goal-oriented nature of (candidate) evaluations
Part III. Political Attitudes and Perceptions: Section introduction
10. Public opinion and democratic politics: the problem of nonattitudes and the social construction of political judgment
11. Implications of a latitude-theory model of citizen attitudes for political campaigning, debate, and representation
12. Where you stand depends on what you see: connections among values, perceptions of fact, and political prescriptions
13. Commentary: the meaning of ‘attitude’ in representative democracies
Part IV. Political Values: Section introduction
14. Social welfare attitudes and the humanitarian sensibility
15. American individualism reconsidered
16. Political values judgments
Commentary: the study of values
Commentary: the value of politics


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